Our Investment Process

Wimcap initiates the investment process and seeks to fully understand the needs, circumstances, priorities, and goals of each client. Clear financial objectives are then established for the accumulation, preservation, and growth of assets; all tailored specifically to the client’s needs.

The Process

1. Investment Needs

Wimcap will assist a client in determining their investment needs and objectives as well as risk tolerance. This is achieved by directing clients to answer various questions and provide basic information, including, among other things, age, risk tolerance, goals and investment objectives. 

2. Asset Allocation

Based on the answers provided, Wimcap recommends the appropriate target asset allocation tailored to the client’s profile. 

3. A Tailored Portfolio

After the client’s asset classes have been determined, Wimcap will build and manage a tailored investment portfolio based on the client’s financial goals and situation. Wimcap will then select the appropriate funds and/or securities within each asset class. 

4. Portfolio Management

Wimcap rebalances a client’s portfolio periodically, ensuring they remain within their target allocation. Clients will always have the right to decline any recommended strategy or security.